Monday, June 27, 2011

Take It To The Streets Plzz- Ewurabena Appiah

This edition of Take It To The Streets Plzz is dedicated to another good person in my life, Ewurabena Appiah(a.k.a. Chi-Chi). Chi-Chi is from Ghana, Africa and I was pleasantly surprised to see her rocking a head wrap in the kente cloth.

We had nothing to do so we decided to go for drinks at Agave. We're both suckers for that restaurant.. It has the BEST Sangria in town. Shout-out to Kevin, he makes the tastiest drinks.

Shirt -Forever21- Gift.
Shorts- Seventeen-$22 
Ballet flats- Runway- $23
Earrings-Expressions- $21
Glasses- Expressions- $10