Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heel Condoms Plzz

*Sigh* Let me start my saying that this is REAL and you did read the header correctly!! While reading my daily dosage of other fashion blogs I stumbled across this and couldn't help but to think 'Ahhhh GENIUS'. I mean okay I know the name is very inappropriate, but I'll tell you this, its quite the conversation starter. 'Oh hey whats that on your shoe?' 'Ahhh its a condom, you knowww a jimmy, a rubber!' (Lol) Lovely conversation don't you think!!!

On a more serious note, I do think the concept is quite versatile, and it would bring a new feel to some pumps u might have laying around. However, some of the designs are a bit flamboyant for my taste but i guess that's what separates my style from anyone else. 

I think it's a cool idea, hopefully it catches on. Im curious to see how long it would be a trend for before dying out. Personally, I think I would buy maybe one just because I dont feel like there is nothing wrong in a little jazzing up a pair of shoes. It reminds me of how in Junkanoo the performers would dress up their shoes to rush in.

Sandrysabel Ortiz is the 24 year old young woman entrepreneur behind Heel Condoms. Theres actually a whole website on this creation, you guys should check it out. 


These ones are my FAVORITE!!

Dr. Martens Plzz

I recently tweeted that I wanted some Doc Martens and this morning I went on the search for the 'PERFECT' pair. It wasn't much of a search because I simply googled the word 'Doc Martens' and went on the website. However, I found two that I simply CANNOT not resist!!

The 1st pair are some wedge sandels, with a laced up front. I LOVEEEEE the color, because its a neutral and it would go with almost ANYTHING. The thing I like about wedges is the comfort. If you are the kind of girl that loves heels but still want to be comfortable, wedges would be the ideal shoe for you to have.

The 2nd pair is the infamous Doc Marten boot, excuse me while I DROOLLL!! Look at the print on that BAD BOY!! (Lol) Its DELICIOUS, DIVINE and SCRUMPTIOUS all into one!! (Sigh) Even though I am 21 I am such a HUGE  fan of Hello Kitty and the Sanrio products.  So this boot was no different.

Check out the Doc Marten website, maybe you'll find your perfect pair if your interested. I saw it fitting to share my Sunday morning obsession with you all. I hope you enjoy it, Lata!!!