Saturday, May 28, 2011

Editor's Picks Plzz- Best Of Spring/Summer

Every season there are new trends on the rise and  Spring/Summer 2011 is no different. The spring and summer months are where bright colors and bold prints make their mark in fashion. Its always hard to choose a favorite but these are the trends that made my top ten list.

10. Tanks- No sleeves means you stay cool, try a print or a plain white tank.
 9. Colored Sunglasses- Break out of boring blacks n browns n shield your eyes in color.
 8. One-Shoulder Bathing Suit- The asymmetrical look doesn't only apply to dresses, they look great in a bright colored suit too.
 7.Nude Pump- Balance all that bright color with something nearly naked.
 6. Strappy Flats- Perfect for the beach, a summer festival or just because.
 5.Maxi Dress- Because minis have bin done.
 4.Straw Fedora- Not only gangstas look good in them.
 3.Bright Nails-Save the boring colors for granny drapes.
 2. The Boyfriend Jean- Because its not fair that your boyfriend is the only one who gets to wear them.
 Drum Roll Plzz.. And the number 1 Trend of Spring/Summer 2011 is...
 1. Wedges- Pick a color any color, pick a texture any texture, wedges SIMPLY WORK!

Spring/Summer Top Picks

Acessories Plz - BAGS BAGS BAGS

A good handbag is essential. It carries your makeup, holds your cellphone, protects important documents AND... MAKES A FASHION STATEMENT! There are so many types of handbags, BIG ones and small ones, statchels, briefcases, backpacks or clutches, totes or messengers. Whatever your handbag style there is a bag to fit you. Deciding what bag to carry depends on your everyday lifestyle. If your a business savvy sister you should consider a faux croc skin briefcase. If your a college bound girl consider a utilitarian backpack or a brightly colored messenger to add a pop of color. Nighttime or evening attire calls for a touch of glamor, try a sparkly clutch or one wit an interesting pattern to add pizzazz to your ensemble. So go bag crazy. there is nothing like a great purse to pull your outfit together! Send me pictures of your favorite bags at and my favorites would be featured on the site.Thanks Plzz!!
Accessories Plzz- BAGS BAGS BAGS

Basic 101 Plzz

Fashion is all about taking what you have (THE BASICS) and merging in with new trends to create your own personal style. A staple of every women's wardrobe is a jean; whether its a sexy skinny jean, a chic wide leg trouser, or a trendy boyfriend jean. Over the years jeans have made a comeback; there not just worn on college campuses by the typical late comers, by teeny boppers or soccer moms. A great pair of jeans can take u from daytime casual to nighttime chic. No matter your personal style there are different shapes, styles and textures of denim that suit every woman's figure. Whether you prefer ripped, acid-washed, colored, or the typical medium wash, jeans are a great way to amp up your wardrobe and express your individuality.                             
The Skinny JeanThe Wide Leg Jean
The Boyfriend Jean

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Knock Her Off Plzz- Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons

Jumpsuit- Anna Molinari- $195
Shoes- Eden 2- $59.95
Ring- Asos- $19.95
Chain Bracelet- Jacqui - $35
Earrings- PiperLime- $ 24.95 

Take It To The Streets Plzz

My first edition of  Take It To The Street Plzz is dedicated to my good friend Elysse Martin. She was going to a graduation and she needed help on dressing up a pair of paper bag waist pants. So i told her to add a button down shirt to keep it event appropriate and add a bright color to still make it fun for spring time. She decided to go with sum red pumps a scarf she turned into a belt n mod red earrings. The look is finished off with stacked gold bracelets n a necklace to match. Elysse you look AMAZING!!!

Top- Blue Note - $10
Pants- H&M- $49.95
Belt- Made
Shoes- Le Chateau- $69.95
Earrings- Ardene's- 2 for $15
Necklace- Le Chateau- $25
Bangles- Le Chateau- $15

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's That On Your Nails Plzz

I get my nails professionally done often so I thought it would be a great idea to include in this blog my different nail colors and designs. Right now i am sporting a bright pink with a green, teal, royal blue, aqua and hot pink marble deign on my ring finger. Amongst greens, blues n yellows, bright pink is in for spring and summer. I like to keep my nails fairly short not only for sanitary reasons but also that's just my own personal likings. My nails are one of the many ways i love to show my personal style. I wanna encourage everyone to work along with your nail technician to see what different designs and colors you create. You too can show your individuality through your nail art. am curious to see what you guys come up with for your nail designs so send me your pictures. 

Introduction Plzz

Hey World! My name is Meme Grey and welcome to 'Dress Me Plzz', a new online fashion and style destination focused on everything fashion. i am a 21 year old college student from Freeport, Grand Bahama in the Bahamas. I work at a clothing store named La Boutique in downtown Freeport.

I could remember being about 12 or 13 and not being into fashion very much. I would always wear baggy clothing to hide my body. It wasn't until i was about 15 and i bought my first fashion magazine and i became hooked! The many different designers, patterns, styles, colors, and fabrics sorta sucked me into what know is an obsession! It was like another world for me; a world i came to love and respect!

Every time I watch something on television or maybe even read a magazine I look at it from a fashion stand point. I'm always thinking 'Hey, this is how I would do that if i could'. I think its safe to say i'm obsessed with everything fashion n working in a clothing store doesn't make it any better.

Checkout celebrity styles for less, street fashion and stay in the know with up to date fashion advice. Last but not least u can post all your questions and comments and include 'Ask Me Plzz' in the title. Lata For Now! Smooches.