Saturday, May 28, 2011

Editor's Picks Plzz- Best Of Spring/Summer

Every season there are new trends on the rise and  Spring/Summer 2011 is no different. The spring and summer months are where bright colors and bold prints make their mark in fashion. Its always hard to choose a favorite but these are the trends that made my top ten list.

10. Tanks- No sleeves means you stay cool, try a print or a plain white tank.
 9. Colored Sunglasses- Break out of boring blacks n browns n shield your eyes in color.
 8. One-Shoulder Bathing Suit- The asymmetrical look doesn't only apply to dresses, they look great in a bright colored suit too.
 7.Nude Pump- Balance all that bright color with something nearly naked.
 6. Strappy Flats- Perfect for the beach, a summer festival or just because.
 5.Maxi Dress- Because minis have bin done.
 4.Straw Fedora- Not only gangstas look good in them.
 3.Bright Nails-Save the boring colors for granny drapes.
 2. The Boyfriend Jean- Because its not fair that your boyfriend is the only one who gets to wear them.
 Drum Roll Plzz.. And the number 1 Trend of Spring/Summer 2011 is...
 1. Wedges- Pick a color any color, pick a texture any texture, wedges SIMPLY WORK!

Spring/Summer Top Picks

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