Saturday, May 28, 2011

Acessories Plz - BAGS BAGS BAGS

A good handbag is essential. It carries your makeup, holds your cellphone, protects important documents AND... MAKES A FASHION STATEMENT! There are so many types of handbags, BIG ones and small ones, statchels, briefcases, backpacks or clutches, totes or messengers. Whatever your handbag style there is a bag to fit you. Deciding what bag to carry depends on your everyday lifestyle. If your a business savvy sister you should consider a faux croc skin briefcase. If your a college bound girl consider a utilitarian backpack or a brightly colored messenger to add a pop of color. Nighttime or evening attire calls for a touch of glamor, try a sparkly clutch or one wit an interesting pattern to add pizzazz to your ensemble. So go bag crazy. there is nothing like a great purse to pull your outfit together! Send me pictures of your favorite bags at and my favorites would be featured on the site.Thanks Plzz!!
Accessories Plzz- BAGS BAGS BAGS

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