Monday, June 25, 2012

High-Low Skirts Plzz

iRead somewhere that this skirt is the new MULLET!!! Yes Mullet... Long in the back short in the front... Get it?!?!? This style allows you to be sexy without going overboard. It also helps to show off a KILLER pair of shoes, whether its pumps, sandals or a ballet flats.  Fancy-schmancy or casual-chic, this trend is MOST DEF a must have for Spring N Summer.

High Low Skirts


Whiles browsing the web iFound a pic of Solange Knowles ROCKING the hell out of a high low dress... LISTEN this girl is WERKING it OKKK!!! And that orange lipstick... She is giving me LIFE!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monochromatic: All One Shade Plzz

Sorry to tell you ladies but Color Blocking is a thing of the past. Its time to SHAKE THINGS UP!! Monochromatic: Having colors of a single hue. Monochromatic Pertaining To Fashion: An ensemble with just one color or varied versions of a single hue. When I first saw this trend I must admit I wasn't a HUGE fan because it can be very tacky if not done properly. As time passed I'm pretty much SOLD!!! Its cute!!! Cant wait to try it!!! 



Let There Be Neon Plzz

Ever had a Lite Brite?!?!? That's what I think about EVERYTIME I see a Neon piece. I remember when people were afraid to be seen in a SUPER bright color, because to be honest it wasn't represented fashionably. But Neon is putting in OVERTIME to prove that its more than a marker or a Lite Brite. Its not your average color scheme; its a conversational piece that can be DARING n BOLD!!

Let There Be Neon