Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ruby Woo Woo Woo (Plzz)

Listen to me I am SO OBSESSED with my Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac.. Its SHAMEFUL!!!! Lol!!! Just wanted to share a collage that my cousin made for me!!! Happy Tuesday Lovies!!! ENJOY!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Basics Plzz: White Button Up Shirt

Every lady should have a white button up present in her closet. This item is timeless and classic and goes with EVERYTHING!!! It can be worn year round and is fitting for any occasion if done the right way. Actually I take that back, there is no wrong or right way to wear a button up you should put your style on it and it can work. I styled the button up 3 ways, thats different 3 ways I would wear it.

The first way I styled the button up is with a full mustard skirt. Simply tuck the shirt into the skirt, leave a few buttons open at the top to show of the gold necklace and I added a leopard slingback for a pop of fun and to show a lil style. The shades and bag just take the look up a notch. This look is very 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', I can see Michelle Obama at a press confrence in this outfit.

White Button Up2

The second way in which I styled the button up is with a pair of black pants. Again tuck the shirt into the pants and I added a camel colored jacket and black wedges. I didnt go overboard with the accessories because I wanted the outfit to remain laidback so I did a tote and a gold watch. This outfit is perfect for drinks with the girls or even a movie date with your significant other.

White Button Up

And last but not least the third way I styled the button up is with jeans shorts. You can tuck th shirt in or out or u can do a 'half tuck' which means u can tuck the shirt in at the front but leave the back out t show off your belt. I opted for tan oxfords (let me tell you that just before the new year i purchased a pair of these and they are SO comfortable) and also a fedora and blingy ring. This look is quite Bohemian and is great for those lunch dates where u wanna remain comfy but still be stylish.

White Button Up3

When your looking to purchase to a white button up just remember to go for the fit that best compliment your body type. There are many different styles of them, for example: You dont HAVE to get a long sleeve top you can get a 3/4 sleeve or even short or no sleeve. Just try out your options and be open to trying new ideas.

Spotlight Plzz- Charlize Theron Dior Commercial

This HAD to be the first thing i blogged about, this commercial gives me LIFE!!! No matter what I'm doing, or where I am and this commercial comes on and I hear her footsteps running up those stairs i have to stop and watch!!! This commercial SCREAMS no OOZES fashion!!! From her hair to the DRESS(GASPS), its SO good. Charlize has actually bin the face of Dior since 2004 and this commercial is one of the latest incarnations of J'adore fragrance.

It was shot at Versailles over four days, the 90-second commercial was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and he brings Marlene Dietrich,  Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly back to life. Charlize runs up the stairs to greet them, all in the midst of a couture show in the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors). These famous "adorers" of Dior are all dressed by Dior.

I know that not all of my readers along with myself can afford Dior but this is DEFINITELY inspring and being as obesessed as I am with fashion its a must see!! ENJOY!!

Update Plzz-Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Lovies!!! I've bin missing for almost 2 months!!! (Ahhhh) I'm so sorry.. I've just bin super busy with work and my family... But Im back and I have alot of things that I'm ready to share with you all... I hope that everyone is having a GREAT year so far and your sticking by all the resolutions that you made for yourself. Remember that there are 12 months in the year and just because you dont get started in the first month doesnt mean that all is lost. I would love to hear about some of your new years resolutions so leave comments letting me know what they are. My resolutions? The only thing I wanted to do is cook more and spend less in the moment and think more long term. Im doing okay so far, I cooked for me and a friend this past sunday.  It was baked fish, pasta and broccli, it turned out really nice. Im inspired to cook more things, if you have any recipes that your willing to share I'm open to all of them. As far as the spending goes, I haven't bought anything for the year yet(in terms of clothes or shoes or jewelry) thats crazy!! (Lol) I laugh because I'm such an impluse buyer and thats something that I need to break out of... These things all come with time.. No rush!!! Be Patient!! Please leave all comments below.. Im interested in hearing how everyone spent their holiday and all the gifts you recieved.. Bye for now!!