Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take It To The Streets Plzz: Summer Junkanoo Edition

I'm not normally a FAN of Junkanoo (I know...GASP). In fact I often CRINGE at the thought of having to sit through what is undoubtedly considered by many Bahamians the Cultural Event of the YEAR! This year's "Rush For Peace" (I know what's up with the name of that parade too...But I digress) was no different! I was not interested in sitting through the parade or watch throngs of girls dressed like copy cat versions of a Ghetto Store Window Mannequin traipse around me. HOWEVER! I was pleasantly surprised by the number of fashionably attired men and women that I found wandering around the parade grounds. SO MUCH SO... that I absolutely had to recruit the best dressed of the bunch for this post. I was even more surprised by the fashion prowess of the MALES featured in the photos below. I found that the guys really showed out for this event more so than the ladies. (Step your game up BISHES... and i mean that in the nicest possible way :-))

What I particularly enjoyed was the fact so many of the guys, even the young ones steered away from the Basic Oversized White Tee Phenomenon made popular by bad rap videos. I saw boys in Bright Colors, Cargo Pants, Vans, and my favorite: BOAT SHOES!

While some of the ladies out and about that night left much to be desired (as far as their attire went anyways) I did manage to find a few who I thought really stood out.

I'm sure by now you guys are thinking OMG she hates her Culture...and maybe before this parade... that might have been true. BUT for the first time EVA! and I do mean EVA! I found myself completely wrapped up in the spirit of the Event! AND I was totally inspired by the Music and Costumes of those participating.

As an aspiring fashion designer myself, I always find it interesting to note where I draw my inspirations from. During this year's parade, I looked with FRESH eyes at the bright colors, and textures that the groups presented and thought to myself WOAH! Particularly during the spring and summer months, Bright Colors and varied textures of materials are definitely buzzworthy... and THESE costumes were that and MORE.

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