Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Basics Plzz- Red Bodycon Skirt

Recently I had to look for a few outfits for my cousin Dani. She wanted everything to be built around a red bodycon skirt and a blazer.  This season  RED has defiantly made its mark in fashion, from shoes to lipstick etc. So this is just a few outfits I put together for her!!! Whenever she decides which one she likes I will blog about it!!

Dark Red

American Red

Sandy Red

Golden Red

I did the red bodycon skirt sometime this fall too... Just not with a blazer.. ENJOY!!!


  1. i love the looks you created with the red bodycon skirt , and it looks great on you xoxo

  2. I love all the jackets you've chosen!
    Emma xx

  3. Love the looks! Your outfit looks great.

  4. loving the blog hun! really clear way to show all the pieces...

    cat and the choir

  5. LOVE the skirt. so presh! Just started following you, would love it if you would check out my blog, possibly follow back?!

  6. I LOVEE how much you can do with that skirt! It's such a "staple" "statement" piece. Who would have thought that a RED skirt could be a staple? It's so funny because each time I scrolled, I was like "Ooh, Ahh". Lol, and then lo-and-behold: You owned it! LUCKYYY! lol. Great sets =].

  7. ...and its quite fitting on you!
    Easy how something so simple can be reworked in sooo many ways


  8. Cat and the Choir- Thanks So Much... Im Now Following Your Blog... Good Stuff!!!

    Kristin- Thanks... Im defiantly following you now!! Also I think the name of your blog is SO cute!!!

    Kimberly Michelle- After the purchase I see how it can most DEFINETLY be used as a staple... And thank you!!! Also your blog is the DOOOO hunny!!! Its SOOOO AWESOME!!! Im following for sure!!! And im now following you on twitter as well!!! My name on twitter is Meme Grey!!

    Spitting Glitter- Thanks!!! Im having a lil body issue right now (my hips keep growing) LOL so that compliment meant ALOT!!! The red bodycon is a KEEPER!!!

  9. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  10. omg I would def do pic #1. It's so edgy but yet chic! I've been in search of a peplum blazer in like FOREVER.

    P.S I <3 your blog :)

  11. Nik- Thanks So Much... Your blog is AWESOME!!! Love Your Pics!!! :D Gonna Follow You As Well!!!

    Eesh- First Off Thanks!!! Secondly, Your profile description is AMAZING!!! Your blog is NICE... Will definetly follow!!!

  12. great skirt!

  13. Gotta love the body con's.
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  14. Thanks Justine and Nee, Will do!!!