Saturday, February 11, 2012

Color Blocking Plzz

I tend to blog about whatever I'm feeling at the moment and even though this is an old trend I'm still goo-goo for it! This is probably one of the easier trends you can try, it doesn't take alot of thought just a little imagination.  Being the Polyvore addict that I am, i created a few outfits that i wanted to share with you guys.







Also I found this random pic of a girl whiles reading another blog... Let me tell u she is WORKING it BOOBOO!!!

My only tip to color blocking would be to try colors that compliment each others whether its neons or pastels or even dark colors, once they compliment each other you should be fine!!!

Questions Plzz

Hey Sweethearts!! Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday, it's good weather in Freeport. The reason for this is that I have a post coming up where I'm combining with another blogger. Her name Chi Chi and her blog is The Beat Face Factory and what is going to happen is I want everyone to email me questions and or comments basically anything u want answered on the blog. Send me all of your fashion questions and send Chi Chi all of your beauty questions and we are gonna make a video answering everything!!! My email is You have until Feb. 18th (thats one week) to summit ALL questions n comments or even blog ideas to my email. The video will be posted Feb 19th. I'm eager to see what you all think and what you want to know... Don't be shy, I'm going to be as open as possible!!! Thanks in advance!!! Also one last thing FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!!!! :D My name on there is @memegrey!!! Thanks Again!!!