Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spotlight Plzz: Mrs. Teondra Pinder (Wedding Day)

On Saturday, one of my long time friends Teondra Wildgoose got married to the love of her life Franklyn Pinder!!!  I was asked to be a bridesmaid and I proudly accepted . It was sort of a new experience for me because I've never went through the whole wedding planning whiles being a bridesmaid. I now see the amount of work, time and effort it takes to put into the planning of a wedding.
That necklace just gives me all the life I need and more. She said she got it from ebay n her dress was lovely! :)
Are those tears I see Mr. Wildgoose?!?!? Awww!!!!
Such a HAPPY bride!!

We were all up from about 5:30am and everything just went by so quickly.  It was filled with laughs and tears but most importantly memories to last a lifetime.
Toneka- Maid Of Honer and Elon- Best Man
Flower Girl- Kieshan and Ring Bearer- Franklyn Junior
Flower Girl- Dejanell
Fredesha- Bridesmaid
Qianna- Bridesmaid and Groomsmen
Groomsmen- Devado and I
Taronya- Bridesmaid n Groomsmen

Shout-out to Sasha and Licey for taking all the pictures for me whiles I was delivering my bridesmaid duties. :) It was also cool to see some of my old classmates who came to support her on her big day.
Analicia, Gwyneth, Olivia and Clarke.
My Lovies and I.
Excuse me but i HATE standing still for too long!!!

I'm so happy for her that she found some one who makes her complete. Awwww... It makes me get into that LOVEY DOVEY mood that only comes out in situations like this!! I just wanna wish them all the best with their marriage.
Love You Girl!!!
Pretty Cake!!! The End!! :D

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