Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spotlight Plzz: Roshanda Rolle

As an aspiring designer I totally understand what its like to be obsessed with clothes... Actually I know what its like to be obsessed with clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses and anything else fashion related, my own closet is a testament to that fact. So when I met Roshanda  Rolle I immediately identified.

I thought and thought and thought to myself.. Self! Wouldn't it be awesome to feature her and some of her designs on my blog? N myself replied HELLSSSSS YEA... N so i am.  This 17 year old student said she only recently fell in love with the fashion industry (at the tender age of 16) but that doesn't make her love any less real. She is a huge fan of shoes, all heights, colors and designs and wants to deal with the extras of fashion like the statement jewelry, bags n shoes. Spotlights on you Roshanda... ENJOY!!!

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