Monday, October 24, 2011

Take It To The Streetz Plzz- Laudeino Rolle

This edition of 'Take It To The Streetz Plzz' is dedicated to one of my biggest supporters and a guy I think has a GREAT deal of SWAG, Laudeino. One day whiles getting ready to travel to west end of the island for food and drinks with friends, he hit me up on a little advice of what to wear. I LOVE to see a man who is concerned about his fashion outlook!! :) Well he basically had the thing down pack I just gave a slight input here n there! His hat was inspired by Bruno Mars, iThink Bruno would be impressed!!! Also readers dont be afraid of mixing brown with black, its not a crime and actually comes out really well!!! Just check Laudeino's pic for reference!!!  

Hat- La Boutique
Shades- Ray Bans
Shirt- Marc Ecko
Shorts American Eagle
Sneakers- Zara

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