Monday, October 24, 2011

Goodbye Summer...

Summers Ending By Cheyanne
The leaves are still green,
Vividly so,
The tree bark is A lively blackish brown.
All is so alive,
Yet summer is Drawing to an end.
Leaves soon will begin to Fade and lose their green.
Next they will change into Warm autumnal colors Of rust,
yellow and orange Followed by the Drying of the leaves.
Though summer just began,

It is drawing to an end.

Summer Is About Fun, Friends & Memories. Memories that keep you warm through the fall and winter months. Its about having girls night, to gossip about the day's festivities, or grabbing a beer with a buddy after work. Flirting with that cute guy at the bar, dancing wit friends until mosquitoes take over n you have to leave. LOL!! I can safely say that iLOVE summer so this post is a MUST!! 

About 2 months ago I directed a photo-shoot along with my friend Leshan to show what were the BEST kind of clothes to wear during the summer months. The brightest of colors and the boldest of prints always work best for summer. I think that this would be the best time of the year to show off the color you have been secretly lusting over. Short hems, with a multitude of different fabrics and don't forget the accessories to cap it all off.

So I set out and recruited all the people who I thought would work best for this shoot. The people who I thought embodied that most 'Summer Time Swag'. First up is ChiChi, I always try to encourage people who are plus size to step out of their comfort zone and try new things and ChiChi is like the poster child for that look. Never sticking to the script, stepping out of the box, so these short -shorts and crop top was ideal. There's nothing wrong with a crop top, but to balance it all off and not go around looking like a hooker (0_o), wearing something high-waisted along with it would be the best way to go. Also I added brown wedges and wooden accessories to keep the look neutral and to not take away from that gorgeous aqua top. 

Next up is Alicia, a tank is the easiest way to go, without looking like you tried too hard. If paired with the right accessories, a tank can turn from daytime to nighttime in a blink of an eye. I decided to go with a short printed skirt to show a pop of color and gold accessories to tie the whole look together. Sandals are a must-have for summer and with today's growing fashion industry there are always hundreds of different colors and designs to choose from.

Matt has on the two of my favorites in a man, CARGO shorts and a COLORED shoe. Guys you HAVE to step out of this over-sized white tee, baggy jeans and beat up sneakers trend. I don't think it ever was a 'trend' per-say but whatever this thought is that those kind of clothes are cool. We need to flush it down the toilet, burn it, SOMETHING!!!  Clothes that 'fit' are GOOD!! We decided to go for effortless, laid-back look. Plaid button down top, cargo shorts and red sneakers. 

Who's says polka dots were just for old school Grannies at their weekly bingo match? The size, color and shapes of polka dots have bin upgraded from those days , with Darlene we decided to go with a mini dress that cinches at the waist. Curvy ladies, anything that brings your waist in smaller should be your BEST friend, it accentuates your figure by giving u that hour-glass shape.  

For some of us our best feature is our legs, and the best way to accentuate them would be to put them in a pair of hot shorts and add heels. Tomi is the perfect example for this, i decided to pair her crochet cream shorts with a brown tee, and to amp up the look i added a bunch of pearls and a pair or Christian Siriano aqua wedges! He is a very cool designer! (Blog post coming on him VERY soon)

A man should NEVA be afraid of a little color, especially in the summer. I don't think guys have to be super matchy but its nice to see a little coordination! With Tavarz, the pops of orange looked AWESOME on his dark complexion paired with light gray. However, I must say, some guys are adapting to the skinny leg trend nicely. Looking good Tavarz!!

Coral is like black, a woman of all shades can wear it. Getting my sister Tammy to think so however is another story, I personally think the color is great on her skin tone. We paired the plain top with jeans shorts, flats and gold accessories. 

Another MUST- HAVE for Summer is a Maxi Dress!!! Women who are tall with long torsos best pull of this look. For Brittney I went with a coral razor-back dress ( Courtesy of La Boutique :D). Shades of orange are best paired with shades of brown n gold instead of black n silver, simply because its a warmer tone. Carmel colored flats, a wooden bangle and gold dangle earrings are what we used to bring the look together... Only thing missing is a straw fedora and the beach :)!!

So with the help of my models, I was able to bring to life my tribute to Summer! :) I would like to thank first Kieth Rolle for the Venue and Shan for the GORGEOUS photos. Of course my well- cooperative models who DELIVERED,thanks to all of you!! Sorry about the late posting, I've bin working alot lately and had to sacrifice a few things but i hope you all enjoy the post!!! Lata!!!